Buckwheat and Beetroot Risotto

I’m doing a juice flush this week run by the Green Goddess, Mel Wells (more info here if you’re interested) and whilst all the other ladies are just having juice I am eating too, because I’m eating for two! I’ve been making sure I’ve been eating lots of healthy foods and nothing processed as the whole point of this 5-day flush is to give your stomach a rest and flush lots of goodness into your body.

Tonight I decided to try a Deliciously Ella recipe from her new book, and it was lovely!!

I served it with a huge helping of salad full of spinach, red onion, pine nuts, grated carrot, celery and sun dried tomatoes (I’m a little addicted to sun dried tomatoes at the moment!).

The husband really enjoyed it (and there was no meat!) so it must be good!

If you don’t have Ella’s book yet I highly recommend getting it.

Clare xXx