Calming All Natural Baby ‘Talcum’ Powder

If you know me you will know my husband thinks I’m a ‘complete hippy’ and that where possible I’d rather use natural products on myself, skin care, hair care etc. rather than store bought, chemical laden products. Now I have a baby boy it’s even more important to me that I don’t use lots of chemicals on his immature, sensitive skin. 

Where possible I have found natural recipes for nappy rash cream, baby wash and talcum powder and I am always covering him in coconut oil (which makes him smell good enough to eat!). 

I’ve looked at the ingredients on talcum powder and there are two: Talc and Parfum. Does anyone know exactly what these mean and what they contain? I’ve read alarming things on the internet about how talcum powder contains hormone disrupting ingredients as well as cancer causing ones….wether or not this is true, do you want to take the risk on your baby? I certainly don’t. And if I can make a product that’s all natural and does the same thing as store bought talc then why not?

I found a few recipes online but this one I am sharing I found here. This was my favourite recipe and it’s been tried and tested and I love it. 


  • 56g Bentonite Clay
  • 6 Tbs arrowroot flour
  • 1/2 Cup dry calendula petals
  • 10 drops pure essential oils of chamomile or lavender


  • In a food processor or a high speed blender blank the calndendula petals into a very fine powder and set aside. 
  • Measure the clay and arrowroot flour, I use a food scale like this one. 
  • Add all three ingredients into an empty and clean spice jar or bottle. 
  • Add essential oils if desired.

These ingredients are very natural, non-toxic, and help absorb any moisture. The calendula petals are well known for their calming properties when applied on the skin. It can get a bit ‘sticky’ when you clean it off during the next nappy change, that’s the only downside I’ve experienced. But haven’t we all had a mud bath at a spa? I’m sure the wet mud against my babies bottom is doing amazing things, it has to be better than just the contents of his nappy against his skin. 

The shelf life is about 6 months. I’ve put some powder into a jar by his changing station and well as a small bottle that I take out with me in his change bag so I can use it on the go. I can now be a hippy mother on the move! (Pretty sure everyone things in crazy when they witness me change his nappy! It’s either that or his dinosaur print reusable nappy outer they’re looking at!). 

Clare xXx


  1. Server says:

    Besides the health risks talcum powder may pose, a DIY baby powder is one of the easiest projects I ve ever done.