Daily shower de-streaker

My cleaner gave me this gem a few weeks ago and I’m sold! My kitten likes to play in the bath water left in the bath after a shower – who knows why? Because of this I don’t like to clean my bath with harsh chemicals and I’m sick of our glass shower screen being watermarked and a pain to clean. I use a mix of distilled white vinegar and soda crystals mixed with lemon essential oil to clean so I just needed something to spray daily to reduce the watermarks.


I mixed a spray bottle with 1/3 distilled white vinegar, 2/3 of water and added some essential oils to mask the vinegar smell. You still get a little of the smell for around 10 minutes but it doesn’t last. I now use this to spray on after every shower and it does work. And my kitten can happily play without fear of a ingesting harsh chemicals!

Clare xXx