Date and Nut Butter Treats

These might not look the part but these are super tasty healthy snacks! I couldn’t stop eating them so it’s probably a good job I only made 5! They taste like little caramel, nutty bites… Noms!

I have a massive sweet tooth at the moment and I’m trying not to eat a load of processed sugar and rubbish and eat more natural foods to ease my cravings instead. 

These are so easy to make, just remove the stone from the date, add a teaspoon of peanut butter inside then stick them in the fridge! You could use any nut butter, almond or alike, to make these healthier – I just have a lot of peanut butter in my house after my husband bought 4kg of the stuff! (Don’t ask!). 

Keep them in the fridge (should keep for up to a week) for a sweet snack.


Clare xXx