Gentle moisturising sensitive shower, hand and baby wash

I’ve done a fair bit of research to find a recipe for some nice shower gel I can make that’s super moisturising. Ever since having my baby I don’t have much time to shower, let alone moisturise afterwards! I also found I wash my hands about 50 times a day now with all the nappy changes! And I wanted to make a ‘one size fits all’ wash that was gentle enough to use on my newborn. 

Calendula flowers are known for their antibacterial properties and are good for helping wounds heal – read more here. I decided to infuse an oil out of the flowers to add to my wash – to do this I found a glass jar and filled it 1/3 full of the flowers and then covered it in oil (I chose grapeseed oil as I have some at home and it’s really nice and moisturising for the skin and safe to use on babies). Then put the jar in a dark cupboard for two weeks and twice a day gave it a little shake. After two weeks strain out the flowers and keep the oil. I just used a really fine seive for this. 

Recipe for the wash:

  • 500ml liquid Castile soap
  • 1/3 jar calendula infused grapeseed oil
  • 20-30 drops of lavender essential oil (great for healing the skin and relaxation)
  • Optional – 10-20 drops of chamomile oil 

Mix all your ingredients together and put in a dispenser of your choice. I love my homemade dispenser but I might have to ditch this once my little boy gets older and use something child friendly!

This wash is so beautifully moisturising and so delicate I use it on my newborn almost daily. I used to spend ages moisturising after every shower but this really helps now that I don’t have the time! And it’s also good for my poor eczema riddled, over washed hands too!


Clare xXx