Peanut butter chilli stir fry!

So I heard a rumour it was national peanut butter day today! This may not be a real thing but who cares? It gave me a peanut butter craving so I decided to use that for dinner inspiration!

We’d already planned to eat stir fry so it was just a case of creating the perfect sauce. 


3tbs peanut butter (I use Meridien as its ‘cleaner’ – no added salt, sugar or nasty palm oil!)

2-3 tablespoons olive oil

1 chilli (add more if you like it hot!)

2 garlic cloves

I whizzed all the ingredients up in my blender and stirred it through my almost cooked veg at the end to warm through. (You may need more oil if it’s a bit too thick). 

I made enough stir fry for about 5 adult portions.

I was a bit lazy with the actual stir fry ingredients and bought a pre-chopped stir fry bag of veg! I added some more peppers, pak choi and then cooked some brown rice soba noodles to eat it with. It was delicious!


Clare xXx