Sunflowers, Home Grown Delights & Red Peppers!

I’m not sure if its my age or that fact that I have been looking at the way I live and eat recently but something has gotten me rather excited about growing veg at home and having plants all around my house. Maybe it is my hippy transformation as I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and I’ve been making an effort to try and clean up the way I live, as well as my diet, much to my husbands dismay (mainly when I replaced the antibacterial cleaner with a vinager and soda crystal mixture – much better for our 4 legged friends!).

I’m normally really rubbish with plants and end up killing them so hopefully I can manage to keep our new house plants alive! I really love to have plants around the house but I’ve moved around a lot over the last 6 years and haven’t really been able to have them. Now I’m finally settled I’ve started to bring some lovely greenery into our home. As we have 3 cats (yes, we really are the crazy cat people) I really wanted some plants to help oxygenate our home as well as absorb some of the smells and toxins. Although apparently houseplants can get in the way of a very serious matter of chasing flies when you’re a kitten!

My husband has always been the green fingered genius and already had his vegetable patch going well before we met, I just made some requests this year for more varieties of the vegetables he grows at home, such as beetroot! Nom nom. We really wanted to try growing sweet potatoes but we decided to leave that for another year as it’s not quite as simple as I had hoped! But we do have a lot of lovely ‘crops’ on the way which include kale, purple spouting brocolli, courgettes and potatoes.  We also have a garden (or should I say jungle? It’s a little crazy out there!) full of blackberries, rasberries and black currants. I love it when it’s time to start harvesting them and I can use them in my daily smoothies, it also saves us a small fortune as they aren’t cheap to buy. We bought a red currant plant on a trip to Filey earlier this year which also has a little fruit already. Soon we will have more than we can eat, I’m sure!

Red Pepper Plant

Yesterday I found a little gem at the local market in York, this lovely red pepper plant! And it was a steal at a mere £3.95! This is the new addition to our garden and we can’t wait to sample its delights.

photo 2

And I couldn’t resist buying this sunflower  plant, too (it’s a type of sunflower, right?). I haven’t fully decided where to keep her or what to call her yet (I like to name my plants – crazy? yes!) so if you have any suggestions then please let me know! We already have an Audrey III (chilli plant) and Vera, our aloe plant. I think she’s too cute to go without a name!


My next mission is to find some English Ivy for our bathroom, I think it would look lovely draping down from the top of one of these apple crates. I also want one for our utility room as I know their good for reducing the amount of airborne fecal matter (gross, I know!). And I believe they also also absorb formaldehyde (found in some household cleaning products). So it’s win win, really!

Hmmm, so I really am a hippy! But I love it! Mission healthy household is well on it’s way to success, despite the obstacles (the husband and the naughty kitten! Ha, sorry Douglas & Ruby!).

Clare xXx